How German skaters look forward to the Olympics

November 09, 2021, 9:27 pm

skateboard Dressed up at Schwbisch Hall, German skaters have already looked to Beijing, where Olympic medals will be on the agenda in February 2022.

A skeptical view: Paul Berg was also asked eight questions about Beijing 2022 as he dressed up German skaters at the brewery at Schwych Hall. But the striker threatens to miss matches due to injury. Photo: Mller-Appenzeller

Paul Berg wasn’t upset: Snowboard Germany’s sports spokesperson walked out of the Chinese test number with six out of eight lucky biscuits on hand.

Yesterday’s Olympics covered Snowboard Germany’s athletes at the Schwbisch Hall Brewery. More than 60 athletes between the ages of 13 and 30 from the snowboard, karts and freestyle teams received clothing and equipment at the invitation of their partner “Wrth Modyf”, but they also asked questions about Beijing 2022 on a video station – for every correct answer there were lucky biscuits. .

Croeser Paul Berg (“the location here is really cool”) had just deposited his swag of fortune under his chair during the press conference when he suddenly stopped.

The season begins in various disciplines

We looked back in sentimental images, but we also looked forward with the tagline “Let the Games Begin – It’s Performance Time”. Yes, let the games begin, it’s performance time: “We want to start with at least 15 athletes,” Andreas Schaed, sporting director at Snowboard Germany, said the aces are on their way into the winter.

While the runners have recently started the season with great air in Chur (Switzerland), the World Cup for runners (December 11/12 in Banui/Russia) and skateboarder (November 26-28) is the start of the World Cup in Beijing). “Secret Garden” is the name of the place where the figure skating family will be looking for Olympic medals from February 4-20. However, Paul Berg will not be present at the audition event in the “Secret Garden”.

The 30-year-old from SC Constance broke his feet in the German Championships in the spring. “I have three nails in my left bone, it would be 50:50 if I could get to the Olympics.” The opening match of the World Cup comes too early for him.

Media attention is higher before the Olympic season

For Annika Morgan, she could “perfectly start tomorrow in Beijing,” said the 19-year-old freestyler, who, like Chur’s Leon Falkensberger, has already broken the national standard with sixth. “Media interest is higher than usual before the Olympic season,” said Andrej Hevlich, who was living in his house in Half-Pipe, in Schwävish-Hall.

Conversely, the international field for drivers who train together is more tense. Because there is only the largest possible stage every four years. “We’ll see some new, ground-breaking tricks at the Olympics,” says 24-year-old Heflich, who admits he’s also working on a new big difficulty that only three other yards can master. Ramona Hofmeister was only involved. The two-time parallel World Cup winner underwent back surgery a week ago. “My start to the World Cup is not in danger,” said the 25-year-old, who was hoping to win the gold medal.

Only one of the 28 World Cup racers’ events will be held in Germany: the 19/20 Racers Final. A march in Berchtesgaden. The home race for Crosser on the Feldberg has been canceled for various reasons. Snowboard Germany head Hans-Michael Hels also deeply regrets this. What makes him happy after a successful previous winter: “We are currently 3rd in the world. That’s amazing!”

Something going on. What is happening in Beijing?

At Paul Berg, after two Olympics, calm is the order of the day. This was also the case with the Beijing quiz questions”, when one of the topics was the difference between Chinese characters for women’s and men’s toilets. The paper coupon on the first cookie opened said: “Enjoy a week in cloud nine” now or in February?

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