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Madrid – It’s opened Find alliances in Spain In the aftermath of the general election which effectively led to the political impasse. socialist Pedro Sanchez, which won 122 seats, two more than in 2019, is seeking to reissue its current coalition government. This democracy You will find the sentenceHe said at the PSOE executive meeting.

for this part, Alberto Nunez FigoThe head of the People’s Party, which won the elections by votes and seats (136), admitted that it “did not fully meet our expectations,” but He asserted his right to form the new executive branch He said he had already contacted all party leaders with whom he could form an alliance. They are four: Vox (33 seats), Union del pueblo navarro (1), Coalicion Canaria (1) and the Basque Nationalist Party (5, currently allied with PSOE and apparently very unavailable).

“We agreed to continue talking all week,” Figo said. However, the positions of Vox and Pnv appear to be irreconcilableAs the secretary of the far-right party reiterated: “The hand is extended to the People’s Party” declared Ignacio Garriga, but the “national vote” will never join the voices of the Basque nationalists.

Both leaders Of the two big parties in Spain, in short, They don’t give upBut the “Formula” will not be easy or quick to conquer. They have until mid-August: On the seventeenth, the new Parliament will take over its functions, after which King Philip VI will begin the round of consultations. The constitution does not oblige the sovereign to assign office to the president of the party with the most votes, but this has always been the case in a post-Franco democracy: only in 2016 did Mariano Rajoy famously let go of his knowledge of not having the numbers. Feijóo still thinks so. The magic number is 176, for the seats required for an absolute majority in the House of Representatives. But as recent history has shown, one can also be satisfied with the external support of some of them. The alternative is to go back to the polls, on Christmas Days or in early January.

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Newspapers and television are immersed in sums. theIn all scenarios, the nationalist parties are crucial, even those who came out of the polls with broken bones. This is the case of Catalonia, where the Socialist Party (PSC) has an excellent result (19 seats) at the expense of Esquerra Republicana (Ercs), and Junts per Catalunya, which stop at 7 seats each. The situation in the Basque Country is more stable, where Bildoo (6 seats) stole a deputy from the PNV party (5).

Psoe block has a better chance of hitting the goalAdding the seats of Soumar (31), the party to his left led by Deputy Prime Minister Yolanda Diaz, to the seats of his allied regional parties that have already said, with some different distinctions and requests at the negotiating table, that they are ready to negotiate. However, the external support of Gonts, the party of Carles Puigdemont, the former ruler of Catalonia, the instigator of the “separatist process” that ended with a wave of arrests and flight to Brussels, remains decisive.

We will not give up our vote for anything.Junts. executives warned. They demand amnesty and self-determination. or, A new separatist referendum. The request was unacceptable, and the former leader of the Socialist Workers’ Party, José Luis Zapatero, who is very close to Sánchez, immediately replied: “We will not discuss the indisputable.” The hot potato ended up in the hands of Yolanda Diaz, who had already instructed the former spokeswoman for Podemos, who had joined forces with Soummar, to travel to Belgium to negotiate with Puigdemont.

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to complicate the picture, The Spanish Public Prosecutor’s Office requested a new international arrest warrant For the former Catalan governor, who is no longer covered by the immunity of the European Parliament and accused of crimes of insubordination and embezzlement (the penal code reform abolished the crime of sedition).


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