Video Domino Challenge: Why did the show annoy Internet users?

M6 launches new show Domino Challenge. However, one detail caught the attention of Internet users: editing. Many criticized him on Twitter.

M6 has decided to launch a new show this Thursday, June 24: Domino Challenge. The new show is hosted by Stephen Rottenberg and comedian Isa Tumbia. Seven tons of colored rectangles, 500 m2 play area, almost 100 hours of installation … Six pairs of enthusiasts will have to compete in different events. The goal is to attract the jury by creating spectacular collections. Jurors are already in the works of Sophie Berzani, interior designer Stephen Plaza, Thibo Lesney, champion of French dominoes and multi-artist Paulo Gallia.

If Internet users seem to like the idea of ​​the show, However, one detail caught their attention: the assembly. In fact, they have plenty to criticize him on Twitter, especially the slow movement over and over again. “Chuck the assembly for the fall of the dominoes, we saw it”, “I avoid. Unbearable editing will ruin the work of the candidates“,” It’s a shame … the show can be great but editing destroys everything !!! They should allow us to quietly watch the fall of Domino Instead of doing all their cinema in the eyes of a bird: slow motion effect, tracking and so on … ” , Some users commented.

Editing is unbearable “

“It’s already exploded right there,” he said.Slowly decreases every 3 seconds, it hurts …“,” Editing and music please “,” It’s too much editing out there “,” Editing is unbearable, the way of shooting is so bad “Destroys all video shooting and editing, Complaints from other Internet users. Consequences that can make the audience happy …

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