The small island of Nantucket, better known as Whale Island, became famous thanks to the movie “Moby Dick” set in this very original setting.

Nantucket Island: Where is it and what to see

Located south of Cape Cod in Massachusetts and overlooking the famous New England coast, it is very small Nantucket Island She became famous thanks to the movie “Moby Dick the White Whale”.

Nantucket Island It is an island that extends over an area of ​​only 272 square kilometers, and its pirate history is closely related to whaling and for this reason it is also known as “Whaler’s Island”.

Curiosity of. L ‘Nantucket IslandUntil the first half of the nineteenth century, it housed the largest whaling fleet in the world.

Regardless of all this, Nantucket Island They are true wonders thanks to their charm beachesfor elegance gardens And the Historic buildings And above all, to the distinctive and picturesque streets of old town.

You should know that too Nantucket Island It is a luxury destination especially frequented by the wealthy who are looking for it Relax.

This picturesque and exceptional island can be visited in just two days and most importantly attractions Not to be missed at all Nantucket Citya magical place decorated with old captains’ houses and Historic buildings Where even today you can breathe the atmosphere associated with whaling and where a must-visit Nantucket Whaling Museum Where the ancient whaler and the skeleton of a sperm whale andold millThe oldest windmill in the USA, it still works perfectly today.

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The The best beaches on Nantucket Island It is located in the South Beach area and is very popular among youngsters and surfers while lovers of unspoiled wilderness can seek out their moments of glory within Koscata Kwatu Wildlife SanctuaryIt is an exceptional protected area inhabited by birds of prey, waterfowl and deer.

Another curiosity. After a bloody past, one of the main assets of this unusual island, which has been declared a National Historic Monument, is “whale watching” or whale watching.


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