Want to see the Traffic (Arte) movie on TV tonight?

After today Site And Ant man, Let’s talk about Transport, A new movie adaptation. However, this is completely different Blockbusters Mentioned in recent weeks.

For his film, the well-known Steven Soderbergh was inspired by British miniseries Transportation. The result? A good song film that combines stories and rules with a lesson in the background: drug trafficking.

The plot? Here is a summary and our opinion Transport, Broadcast on Art this evening at 8:55 p.m.

Traffic briefly

Drugs in the United States are a widespread scourge affecting all sections of society. Whether you are a Supreme Court judge, a police officer, a mother or, of course, a mob, you can face it.

In Transportation, Steven Soderbergh tells the story of a gallery of Modley characters. Apparently, they are not much to see, sometimes hundreds of kilometers apart.

The general division that binds everything, without exception? Drug trafficking between the United States and Mexico. By being interested in all its changes, Transportation It therefore explores the drug trade and its implications across the Atlantic.

After seeing it, you should never see Uncle Sam’s country the same way again.

Want to see a Wednesday night movie on Artday?

For us, the answer to this question is simple: yes, absolutely. Transportation Steven Soderbergh, the host of a great film and talented cast, deserves credit.

If you have read our summary, you know: Transportation It is a tube film that weaves together the fate of many heroes who do not know each other. This is an original and delicate way of weaving a story.

Cross stories complicate the writing process, and some have already broken teeth. Soderbergh is not in our favorite movie. Transportation Impressive from start to finish, the director succeeds in processing his particularly complex situation.

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The film lasts up to 2 hours and 30, and we don’t see time flying by. At first glance, it’s hard to put together the three stories that make it up. From Mexico to Cincinnati, via San Diego, Transportation “Drug” separates American drug cover from production to resale and consumption.

Full coherent and reliable too. The events described are fictional, but the director’s style almost suggests that he is making a documentary.

Soderbergh’s concern for realism works best, as we can see in his straightforward and tense editing. It is very immersive and helps to capture the image.

Transportation Don’t render too much of its characters. In this powerful and dark play, they move through the ruthless “forest”. Shooting, chasing, high-risk blankets, drug destruction Garbage… The feature is the adrenaline charge as the picture is dark.

Especially for this reason, The Thriller Will not be unanimous. That is not his ambition. Transportation Is an X-ray of an illegal universe, a Business Profitable, but oh so devastating.

So yes, there are broken rules, deaths, pain and suffering. Transportation Will not be your hobby Feel better Wednesday evening, it doesn’t really stop evaluating the diversion.

Please be kind enough to act at the highest level. Michael Douglas, Don Seattle, Benico del Toro, Catherine Zeta-Jones … their performances are all promising. They exhibit an honesty and investment.

Clarity, Transportation Movie to watch on Wednesday night. Don’t hesitate, it’s kind of a reference.

  • Here is a taste of Steven Soderbergh’s film:

If not, what to look for in a stream?

Want to see other films that focus on drug trafficking? There are some good ones on the Amazon Prime video list. Information, navigation, Among other things, should suit you.

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