The Orsini phenomenon I invented it!The confrontation took place directly, in studies which for the first time gave space to former Professor Alan Lewis. Last night, in Piazzapolita, a difficult question and answer occurred between MP Pd Andrea Romano and Mosul Corrado Formigli, is visibly upset by the investigation requested by Copasir regarding the pro-Putin guests on talk shows. The journalist objected to a parliamentarian, one of the supporters of this request, and suddenly shouted: “You have to take into account that professional journalists do paradoxically. If someone says whine, there is a reporter who tells it. If you don’t know this thing if you go to study“.

The Democratic Party politician present at the guests’ table did not let this reproach silence him, and a confrontation erupted. “I remember one of the classics of journalistic ethics: if there is a debate between who says an umbrella is needed and who says an umbrella isn’t necessary, the journalist’s job is not to modify the debate, but to open the door. window and see if it’s raining‘, announced Andrea Romano. Immediately replica From Formigli: “But that’s what we do regularly! And then who gets to decide who does and who doesn’t?“.

The hand wrestling On the topic of information, he continued on more urgent tones. “I don’t want to argue with her‘ continued Romano, then returned to harass the captain of the Piazzoletta squad:It is not possible to legitimately support in a public debate, as if they had the same dignity, the thesis of the facts that there are civilians in Ukraine massacred by Putin and the thesis of those who say that the dead are not there …“.But Formigli did not let himself be trapped, and on the contrary accused a Democrat of showing off.”Ugly representation of speech‘Because – he added -‘What you say never happened“.

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And at this point, we were able to really deal with it. Romano, who showed his disappointment, actually admonished the owner: “But it was she who invented the Orsini phenomenon…Referring to the case of the well-known teacher Controversial positions in political geography. In fact, on La7, the professor made his first appearance before he raged on the TV debates. Then the lecture:But take a tour on German or French TV …Here too, Formigli’s annoyed answer:I inform you that Orsini, unfortunately or fortunately, was invented by Luis and Tor Vergata and not by Piazzapolita because he was a professor.“.

End the conflict (only momentarily). The case, in fact, seems doomed to never end: between the political and journalistic fronts there is still wall against wall.


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