Jean-Yves Grall, directeur de l'ARS Auvergne - Rhône-Alpes

Elected officials of the Ardesh Communes Resource and Volcanic Society learned in early December 2021 from the press a plan to relocate the Condamine Clinic from Thwaites to Montelimar. The clinic employs 40 people: it is the first employer in Thueyts and the second among the communities after the thermal baths in Neyrac. Hence the anger of elected officials.

A public health center?

On Monday, MP Fabrice Brun organized a meeting of the elected representatives of the sector with the Director-General of the Regional Health Agency (ARS). The Regional Health Agency proposes to compensate for the departure of this private institution by creating a public structure. We are at the stage of proposals and nothing is final: it could take the form of a public health center attached to Ubinas Hospital and why not a local hospital that partially provides clinic activities including rehabilitation and rehabilitation care.

Nothing has been decided and elected officials are awaiting written proposals from the ARS. But the ARS proposals will make it possible to resume Condamine jobs knowing that employees will not be able to move in Montélimar (an hour and a half from the road) to go to work.

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