Leclerc remembers Candia brand milk for taste and odor defects

This imbalance can lead to sensory changes to the consumer.

After recent controversies related to back-to-back food product recalls, it’s Candia’s ‘Grandlait’ turn to undergo a recall in the southwest region. This milk, which is sold in packages of six 50-ml bottles, has already been recalled because a defect in taste and odor has been noted that renders it unusable. The affected products were marketed between June 24 and July 6, 2022.

on his reminder sheet, Rappel Conso specifies that Leclerc stores in the Southwest region (the stores served by the Scalandes factory) are involved. because of, “A defect in the taste and smell of milk makes it inedible‘, which can lead to sensory changes to the consumer. The two batches involved are 22169 U and 22169 U.

If you have not yet consumed the product, Rappel Conso strongly recommends that you not consume the product and return it to the point of sale. A refund is also possible by calling Consumer Services at 0800 226342. The refund process will end on July 19, 2022.

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