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Only a small portion of the aluminum used in automobiles is recycled to its original quality, while the rest is reduced. Polestar O2 It addresses this problem with a simple and elegant solution: named aluminum.

The interior of this car takes all the advancements of the Division The Polar Star Principle It applies to this vehicle equipped with contextual infotainment system adapts to the driver’s movements, Linen woven panelsAnd the 3D woven upholstery And other innovations sustainable materials. Combined with carefully selected color combinations, comfort and elegance are taken to a new level.

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Just like what happened with the beautiful Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXXSustainability is a strong point in Polestar O2. The interior of this car is based on components from a single material, which allows to combine style with maximum use of resources.

traditionally, The interior of the car is made of a variety of materials. At the end of a vehicle’s life, these assemblies are difficult to separate, making it extremely difficult to recycle them to their original quality (plus A lot of energy is used in this process). In contrast, everything The soft ingredients inside Polestar O2 Made of basic material: Highly recyclable thermoplastics. Therefore, foam upholstery, adhesives, 3D upholstery, and non-woven laminations can be recycled without the need for intense energy separation and loss of attributes.


This content can also be displayed on the site Originates From.


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