Felicitas Wall and Benjamin Buyuko
“I’m happy with you”

Felicitas Woll and Benjamin Piwko send each other lots of hearts and sweet words on Instagram.

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Felicitas Wall and Benjamin Biooco are surprised by lots of red hearts and sweet words on Instagram and congratulate their peers.

Surprising actress Felicitas Wall (41, “Berlin, Berlin”) and martial arts professor and former “Let’s Dance” star (2019) Benjamin Piwko (41) On her Instagram account With a lot of red hearts and sweet words.

It began with her philosophical position on joy: “The cause of joy. Joy is the state of mind or basic feelings that arise in response to a pleasant situation or a memory of a person. Depending on its intensity, it is expressed as a smile or a laugh, a cry of joy or at work,” she writes On a black and white photo of herself with a bright smile. Then Benjamin Bioco commented on the photo more vividly with the phrase “I’m happy with you” and a red heart. To which she also answers unequivocally: “benjamin_piwko and I am with you very much” – with a red heart.

Felicitas Woll’s followers include many colleagues who “liked” the post, such as actresses Anja Kling (51), Anna Maria Mühe (35), Stephanie Stumph (36) and many other shows. Presenter Nova Merenrich (47) also posts three emojis with small eyes of the heart under the digital dialogue between Wall and Pioco.



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