Natalia Paris defied the censorship of Instagram with a picture without covering her chest and opened the networks
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Famous DJ Natalia Paris has once again turned social networks on through a photo she posted on her Instagram account, in which she invited her followers to visit her website where they can find her new book, as well as exclusive content for the businesswoman.

In the shot, the model is shown wearing a white blouse with one of her open breasts open and without a bra, defying Instagram’s privileged censorship of content deemed explicit by the social network’s algorithm. It is worth noting that Paris covered part of the nipple with a label in Spanish, “censorship” or “censorship”.

In addition to the shot, the artist announced the launch of her new book, which she described herself as: “A collection of Erotic Photography Made with the best photographers in the country. A piece of art to collect‘, and according to her, it is available on her website

Look here at a picture of Natalia Paris:

Taken from Instagram @nataliaparisartist
Taken from Instagram @nataliaparisartist

The post that was shared two days ago on the official profile of Natalia Paris on Instagram already has more than 152,250 copies, exceeds 16,600 “likes” and garnered about 160 comments, of which the artist’s beauty stands out with qualifiers such as “Beautiful” and “Beautiful.” precious”.

“I want one like this for Christmas”, “Beauty should never be restricted or censored”, “I love you”, “Why are men allowed to go shirtless naturally and women are forbidden”, “The most beautiful thing of the day is Natalia”, “Always beautiful” , Do not change, every day is better”, “Book? What is Natalia planning”, “The most beautiful woman in Colombia ”,“ She has always been beautiful, blessed and abundant for her ”, Among other things.

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It is worth noting that the artist topped the news on various occasions due to her statements about the Covid-19 virus, vaccination, and the various theories that she deals with in her life. One of them was when he asserted that young men became gay due to eating chicken, stating that the hormones injected into the animals and their subsequent human consumption affected sexual development.

Regarding these statements, Natalia Paris referred to this in an interview with ‘Diva Rebeca’, a character played by Omar Vazquez, where the DJ confirmed: “Suddenly it was said wrong, but it has a lot to do with hormones, the truth is I still think so”.

However, the case went further, after Antioqueña’s statements the interviewer laughedly stated that she had a slightly far-fetched theory, alluding to the fact that the food was of a different kind, alluding to the masculine male organ. With a term used in Spain.

On frequent occasions, Natalia Paris has been called “stupid” for her statements and tone of voice that characterizes the 48-year-old model, by users of social networks.

However, she recently made reference to the issue and strongly demanded that prejudices be put aside, through her Instagram Stories where she highlighted her accomplishments as a businesswoman with skincare products, as well as being a model, DJ and now with his book.

“I know it was hard for a lot of people to think that women who are notoriously stupid are not able to do things well,” The model noted and added, “These are biases that we really should let go, because if we have a sophisticated, open mind, connected to abundance, we understand that.” A woman is capable of many things.”

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