In the footsteps of Schweinsteiger: Jamal Musiyala is also a great choice at the center - the game

At the end of the first half, Jamal Musiyala performed exceptionally well in his natural habitat. At the intersection of the goal line and touchline, in the corner of the field. Musiala faced two Dutch defenders, who were now in his unit. He jumped up and fainted, and eventually he was able to happily resolve this tricky situation as well.

Jamal Musiala, 19, is hired by FC Bayern Munich and is generally regarded as a strong triple attacker, a man of tight spaces who is difficult to understand and always finds surprising solutions. But is it still true? The fact that the film stumbled on Tuesday evening at the Johann Groove Arena in Amsterdam had a good overview.

National coach Hansie Flick did not call the youngster from Munich for the attack, but was one second behind, while senior player Ilke Kundokan was the second sixer. There was a similar case in the past: a young savage, falling from side to side, impressing the audience with his twists and turns and easy gait – but only after falling from the edge of the game did he show his full power. Sent.

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The coach who sat on the coaching bench during the German national football team’s international match against Holland on Tuesday was the first to realize this. Called the Dutch team. It was Louis van Gaal who skillfully stumbled into the defensive midfield at FC Bayern and moved Bastian Schweinsteiger, thus making an impact in German football history that should not be underestimated. The story ended up winning a world title in 2014.

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Jamal Musiala and the new German national team still have a long way to go to win the World Cup, but at least there are parallels. The idea of ​​placing the Tripler in the center was also born in Musiala at the club; Julian Knucklesman has tried this often recently. Just as his predecessor Joachim Lo followed Van Gogh’s role model in Swine Steaker, Flick has now followed suit. No one would say this is an incalculable risk. Especially not after Musiala’s performance in Amsterdam.

It’s been a long time. Louis van Gaal transferred Bastian Schweinsteiger to central midfield during his stay in Bayern Munich.Photo: Patrick Seeger / dpa

His qualities on the ball are well known: he can beat each other and is technically strong. However, against the Dutch, another component was added to the new position. “Defensively, he did a really good job,” Flick said. “Jamal has shown that he is an option in this situation.” In the 1-1 draw for the German national team in Amsterdam, Mucila was more than a choice: he was the best on his team. The teenager explained the demanding role at the center of the German game in an interestingly mature way, inspired by oversight and game intelligence and, thanks to his footballing ability, was able to get out of complex situations again and again.

“I’ve been fine lately,” Mucila said. “I’m on the right track now.” Of course, he knows that position puts different demands on him. Also, he is expected to take risks again and again – even at the risk of losing the ball; On the other hand, in front of safety, it is nonsense and above all very dangerous. “You have to play a little differently,” Musiala said, “smarter, more disciplined.”

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In Amsterdam it did not cause him great difficulties. They call him Bambi, but Musiyala is not as naive and erratic as a young deer. Against the Dutch he found a constant balance between risk and safety thinking, and was surprisingly strong in duels as well. Kundokan had an experienced partner by his side, and it suited him that he took a step back and selflessly took the defensive part.

Conversely, Flick is not having the worst issues in sixth place. After the disappearance of two Munich players Joshua Kimmich and Leon Goretska in Amsterdam, the choice is huge anyway, they both have the right to a regular place in the national team. But with Musiala, another option has been added to the already well-known options. “The team is getting bigger,” the national coach said. “It’s very good when you have quality choices.” At least that’s it at some point.


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