A stray dog ​​in terrible conditions: testimony

A dog completely abandoned and ignored by everyone, straying into terrible conditions, that’s what indifference can do.

A stray dog ​​in a miserable condition (Image source: Facebook-ThisIsHouston) – Velvetpets.it

The phenomenon of strays is widespread in cats and also in dogs, although to a lesser extent. Unfortunately, there are still videos that testify to what human indifference can do to these small animals that wander the streets and have no safe place to stay. In this particular video, which we will talk about in this article, the conditions of the stray dog ​​are really bad and cause pain in the heart. Fortunately, he was able to find a kind and generous person who took him in and cared for him, but that’s how things turned out.

A stray dog ​​in terrible conditions: testimony

the dog He was the hero of this story Monitored and reported From someone in Texas. This person, after seeing him wandering aimlessly and in precarious health conditions, contacted an animal rights association called This is Houston. This one is very busy searching for abandoned animals and is concerned with taking care of them and finding them a new home. But now let’s move on to the story of this dog that was found on the street.

A dog was recovered from the street (Credit: Facebook-This is Houston) – Velvetpets.it

Based on that person’s call, the association’s volunteers moved to search for the dog and recover it. It was a Shar Pei and their hearts sank when they saw him: He had almost no hair leftHe was struggling to walk even though he was a small dog.

When they had the chance to see it up close, they realized it was a female and wanted to name it Madeleine. They took her to the vet right away and made sure she was there Health problems Very serious including heart problems, cardiomegaly and positivity for filariasis.

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Volunteers posted his story on Facebook to draw attention to how to do this Human indifference This dog brought her to these conditions, hairless, with pain all over her body and possibly psychological trauma.

Treatment and recovery

It was not possible to find out where she came from or what happened to her. We don’t know if she had a home and was abandoned, and if she was abandoned once she was born, there is no information.

Technical data sheet prepared by Madeleine (Credit: Facebook – This is Houston) – Velvetpets.it

I learned this from the social network Madeleine was curedShe had recovered although she was still very wary of people. Little by little she let herself go and was then given to someone in pre-foster care.

We hope that this person will keep it with him or entrust it to people to love and who can love it as it deserves. Only five years and a very difficult life.

what should be done

We take this opportunity to remind you of that Abandoning a dog is a crime And that if you see an animal wandering aimlessly in the street, you should do so Call the authorities To make it safe and look for the owner. Never look the other way and never cause a lonely and defenseless animal to suffer.

Even if you have a dog and can no longer keep it, There are associations it can lead to Without any kind of problems.


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