“We don’t create albums with such interest and thinking about our playlist for no reason. Our art tells a story and our stories should be heard as we please.” This is how British singer Adele asked the podium spotify This will deactivate the automatic function of the random button to listen to the music of its discs, in connection with the launch 30, his latest album.

Spotify responded to the request and now when you enter the service to listen to a disc, the platform automatically activates the function Play and no longer The mix (or random), as it was done. Thus, the Tracks They are transcribed in the order in which the artist published them to disc. Of course, the random button is still available on Spotify and those who don’t want to listen to songs in order can activate it manually.

A Spotify representative said: “As Adele mentioned, we are happy to share that we are starting to roll out a new Premium feature that users and artists have long been calling for to make the ‘play’ button the default on all albums. This Sunday, November 21, according to media outlets such as CNN And diverse.

Adele posted on her account Twitter This was the only request he received and Spotify replied: “Anything is yours.”

according to diverse, Transfers and reproductions of works have varied in digital formats, as they now focus on songs rather than albums. However, Adele and many other musicians advocate that their followers listen to their complete work and in the order laid out by the songwriters.

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30 Published on Friday, November 19, it’s The Translator’s fourth studio production. This album talks about the healing process Adele went through after her divorce from Simon Konecki. The artist described the album as the closest to her heart.


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