Two months ago, Mickey Krause received a shocking diagnosis of cancer. Now the Ballermann singer has given an update and revealed how he will continue to act.

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“I didn’t expect this diagnosis at all,” Mickey Krause said in an interview with Vox in February. In early January, a malignant tumor was discovered in his bladder during the filming of “Showtime of My Life”. “The worst thing in life is powerlessness and I felt completely powerless in that moment.”

It’s been two months since the diagnosis. Ballermannstar has since had two surgeries. I had my last surgery on February 22nd. “I’m doing really well,” says the musician a week and a half later. “The guys did a very good job, the tumor was removed successfully.”

“I don’t allow myself to rest”

Mickey Krause is currently located in the North Sea. There he was running again for the first time. At the end of March, he wants to return to the stage. “I haven’t done anything in a long time,” the singer said. “I am now looking forward to the upcoming appointments. I will not allow myself a break.”

The Mallorca season for him will start in April. He’s already booked in 40 games. “In terms of health, I don’t see any problems at all,” he says. “It’s very important for me not to be the mood singer with cancer.” However, the musician will also slow down a bit. “I won’t be on stage anymore 252 times a year.”

In difficult times, his wife and four daughters supported him above all else. “Family is my broadcaster,” says Mickey Krause. He knows: “The topic of cancer will now accompany me for the rest of my life.”

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