Michelle Lipp teases: His embarrassing tale of an unbalanced fan

Invited at Starts Today Wednesday, September 22nd, Michael Leib stated a fan’s annoying behavior.

This is one of the many disappointments that plague fame. If some stars can sleep peacefully, don’t worry Intrusive fansOthers do not escape from overly intrusive fans. Michelle Lip Moreover, he had gone through a bitter experience of it. passes over a plateau Today startsThe comedian unreservedly captured Faustin Pollaert about a fan who became his passion compulsive fixation. His attitude became troublesome because she was going to follow him into his own life. Facts dating back to the ’90s that would have lasted several months.

When I walked out of a play one day, there’s always a small group of fans out there“, he remembers,”For a few weeks, I always went to the same place (…) and there was a lady in the back of this group.Michelle Lip He remembers a smiling woman and even “Wizard“A few weeks later, this unknown comedian approached the stage exit for give him an envelope. In it, Tom and Fanny Lieb’s father discovers 500 francs. Improvised gifts multiplied, and the fan presented watches, jewelry and other valuables to her idol. Then the actor received a letter justifying these actions. The fan claimed that Michelle Lipp’s mother. Water drop.

Fan of Michelle Leib’s “On Psychotherapy”.

The comedian then chose to return gifts to this fan, whose behavior finally upset him after crossing over in a capital bar. Anonymous insists that she is the mother of Michel Leib, and tells him a disturbing story with “References and dates.Embarrassing, as this fan’s attitude seemed more and more intrusive, Michelle Lip He chose to return all his gifts to him. A decision he does not regret: after a few days, the son of this unknown person sent him a letter apologizing and explaining the behavior of the admirer.in psychotherapy. “

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