Final Fantasy IX, Legend of Mana and World of FF Maxima are now available as laminated versions for Switch, but... •

Square Enix releases three Switch games as boxed versions, but there’s a catch.

Square Enix is ​​releasing boxed versions of three of its Switch games: Final Fantasy IX, Legend of Mana, and World of Final Fantasy Maxima.

Unfortunately, there is a problem with the whole thing. This particularly affects those who want a cartridge.

Nothing more than air

There are no cartridges in the respective boxes, rather they are “code in a box” versions. So you buy the retail version and you will find a download code for the eShop in it.

It didn’t really open up to me the meaning of such an approach, but it’s okay. If you want to put a package of it on the shelf yourself, you should be happy with it.

Final Fantasy IX originally came out in 2000, and the Switch version features improved HD movie sequences and HD character models, as well as an autosave function.

Among other things, Legend of Mana offers revised graphics and new arrangements for selected songs. For the first time in the West, the Ring-Ring-Land mini-game is available.

Finally, World of Final Fantasy Maxima is an improved version of World of Final Fantasy released in 2016 with new features including additional monsters, characters, side quests, boss fights, and much more.

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