Android: This is why you should switch to Android - Google offers ten reasons for iOS users and launches a new app

Smartphone users have a myriad of brands and models to choose from, but when it comes to the operating system, they only have two options to choose from: Android or iOS. After a very long time in development, Google recently released the Switch to Android app, which aims to make the transition from iOS to Android easier. Now they’ve come up with ten good reasons why users should use it or consider switching.

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Android or iOS, this has been a matter of faith for a long time. It may be so even today, because technically there are no major differences between the two platforms that have converged over the course of a decade and a half. Google took inspiration from Apple and Apple took inspiration from Google. It seems like Apple was more efficient and Google was more inspired by design and operation, but in the end it doesn’t matter.

For many users, changing the ecosystem is probably out of the question, because, despite everything, this is not possible without compromise – on the other hand, you will also discover new things and may later regret not changing them sooner. Google has now picked ten strengths of Android and summarized them into ten reasons why users should switch to Android. You will find these points here simply in translated form, without any further individual evaluation on my part.

In general, it must be said that the list is not really a good advertisement for Android. These are all great things, no doubt, but almost none of them don’t apply to iOS either. It would be a good single ad for Android if you don’t own a smartphone yet. But they are not good comparison ads. Can’t find a real reason to switch from iOS to Android in the list…

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  1. Express yourself in new ways: The Messages app and Gboard make it easy to send messages – especially between friends who use Android. Group chats, high-quality photo and video sharing, reading receipts, and emoji responses are available thanks to RCS, and thousands of emoji mashups help you express your feelings. (Rest assured that your iPhone friends will continue to receive your messages.)
  2. Video chat with anyone anywhere: If your friends and family have Google accounts, it’s easier than ever to video chat with Google Meet on Android. If you prefer FaceTime, you can use that in the latest version of Chrome as well. Or with apps like WhatsApp in Google Play, you can chat with whoever you want for free around the world. Android offers many options that make it easy to stay in touch with those you care about most.
  3. Set your favorite music: Catch up on the latest songs with your favorite streaming service available on Android. And if you have previously purchased and downloaded music to your iPhone, your music will be transferred to your Android phone as long as it is free of DRM (Digital Rights Management). You can still access your Apple Music purchases and downloaded content on your new Android device by downloading the Apple Music app.
  4. Your favorite apps and more: With Google Play, you can find the apps you already use and love, and quickly discover more. Want to plan an outdoor vacation? Hipcamp can help you book your next campsite, Skyview Lite is your starry sky guide, and AllTrails can help you find the perfect outing for you and your friends. A summer full of fun with your new Android device.
  5. An approach that puts privacy first: On your new phone, Android proactively protects your data. Android helps block malicious apps, malware, phishing, and spam, helping you stay ahead of threats. For example, Messages helps protect people from 1.5 billion unwanted messages per month. Android also provides timely recommendations, for example b. Asking you to choose your location sharing preferences when you open an app, so you can make the best privacy choices. Read more about how to keep your data private and secure.
  6. More devices that work better together: Choose from a variety of Chromebooks, Wear OS smartwatches, Google TVs, and Fast Pair-enabled headphones like Pixel Buds that work best with your phone. In fact, some Apple products will still work with your Android device, such as: B. AirPods.
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  1. Do more with Google apps and services: Are you going on vacation and can’t read the place name signs? Scan text for instant translation to get to where you want to get to quickly. Editing a Google Doc on your laptop but need to complete it on the go? You can also easily continue working on your Android phone. Google prides itself on being useful, and the best of Google is built into Android phones.
  2. Share music, photos, and more across devices: With Nearby Sharing, you can easily share music, photos, and other files between nearby Android and Chrome OS devices. To share content like photos and videos with non-Android devices, you can easily use the built-in sharing in Google Photos or many other apps that let you share them with friends and family and keep them in one device for an organized memory bank in the future.
  3. Customize your home screen with Android widgets: Widgets are useful additions to any home screen, putting the information that matters to you at your fingertips. 35 Google Tools Coming Soon for Android. Whether you want easy access to real-time traffic forecasts for Google Maps, or want to have translations on hand so you can communicate with family and friends, Android is here to make your life a little easier.
  4. Useful technology for everyone: Everyone has their own way of using their devices. That’s why we create accessible features and products that work with the different ways people want to experience the world. Whether you want to use your device without the screen with TalkBack, or record what’s being said aloud and create real-time text with Live Transcribe, Android has the time and way you need.
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