NASA: Persevering Mars Robot Discovers Enchanted Lake | expression

NASA experts cheer Was there life here? Perseverance discovers the enchanted sea on Mars

Was there life on Mars? NASA experts have been investigating this question for decades. The image of the rocky desert is now causing a great deal of excitement among scientists.

“Space, endless vast expanses. It is the year 2200. These are the adventures of the Starship Enterprise.” Fans of the science fiction series capture these sentences with bright eyes. But the reality is no less exciting.

Outer space, endless vast expanses. It’s 2022 – and NASA has made an amazing discovery. A new image of Mars shows a rocky desert. It doesn’t look amazing at first. But experts suspect that this rocky desert could be evidence of water.

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Meaning: There may have been life on Mars once upon a time. You can see the insights NASA gleaned from the recordings and what that means for our future on Earth in the video above. (Sousse)


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