Using Medibrume While Glide, Week 2 Challenge - Fortnite

the Bi-monthly challenges Always there for this season 1 chapter 3, back to something more classic, leaving aside what we recently knew. Players are now accustomed to it over time, and they are looking forward to Thursday to discover these new challenges (except for the first week), which are very useful for them, as they can allow them to recover XP in order to advance in the Battle Pass and unlock various cosmetics, such as clothing and accessories Back and assembly tools. One of these challenges will require you toUse Medibrume while slipping.

Use Mediprom while slipping

the Mediprom is a whole new being of It is an electronic game, allowing for a very fast recovery. In one hit you earn 5 deputies. It can heal you for 150 people in total, but you can also heal your teammates with this new healing item. the Mediprom It can be very useful.

We find it as loot in all chests. You will just have to unlock some to add to your inventory. To complete the challenge you are required to do soUse Medibrume while slippingIt is enough to press the use key (shoot key) and hold the scroll key (curvature key). You only need to perform the process once to complete the task and unlock the promised XP.


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