Vanessa May and Andrea Berg: No one expected this duo!  |  entertainment

This is the surprise of the year!

According to BILD information, Andrea Berg (56 years old) and Vanessa May (30 years old) are singing a song together for the first time. The single “Infinite” will be released on July 8th.

It is also a sign against evil rumours. It has been said for years that the two dislike each other and are jealous of the other’s success.

Despite or because of the familial closeness that links the two: May married Andreas Verber, 39, Berg’s son-in-law Ole Verbier, 62, five years ago. Andrea is the stepmother of Vanessa.

Andreas was also Andrea Berg’s manager for four years. The additional private connection led to struggles that led to the professional dismissal in fall 2018.

A little later everyone reconciled. Berg told BILD at the time, “I lost a manager, but got my son back. We were finally able to sit back relaxed at the table again without getting bogged down in business matters. Instead of professional differences There was only family harmony.”

Vanessa May (third from left) and Andrea Berg are dating their husbands, Andreas Verber (second from left) and Olly Verber (right). DJ Bobo (left) is a family friend

Foto: picture alliance / Sandra Ludewi

After that, both singers did their own thing. Until now!

The management of Berg Bild confirmed: “Andrea and Vanessa’s duet is on the new album” I’ll Do It Again “, which will be released on July 29.”


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