It is a clash between the German metalworkers’ union Ig Metall and the American Tesla group that a few months ago opened a “Gigafactory” in Germany, in Brandenburg. According to the union, which collects the reports of some factory workers, it is applied in the factory Unreasonable working hours and well above contractual limits. Employees are also very concerned about possible retaliation by the company. Upon hiring, a non-disclosure agreement was signed which also covered working conditions. To add to the concerns, an advertisement for the position of “Security Intelligence Investigator” also appeared on the company’s website.

The investigator will have the task of “gathering information inside and outside the institution In order to protect the company from threats To this end, she will work with the Legal and Human Resources departments. Similar numbers are already working at the group’s factories Austin, San Francisco and Shanghai. IG Metal However, he recounts how he receives reports from inside the factory in increasing quantities. The workers set to work Tesla With great enthusiasm but with time we see how this is starting to fade,” said A Reuters Erin Schulz, Representative of IG Metall in the region. German business newspaper Handelsblatt He writes that local politicians, from the center-left Social Democrats to the center-right CDU, have expressed concern and requested investigations from local government. Tesla and the Brandenburg government have not yet responded to a request for comment.

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