Between tears and joys, the Los Chiquillos de Hoy semi-final took place, a broadcast that was especially difficult for the godparents and the jury, as the finalists were named, but also because a good group of them said goodbye to this childhood challenge.

The participants who made it to the final were Julio and Angel, from Los Choquinenes; Jenny, Meredith, Amy and Valentina, from Chiquintensos; Sergio and Tessia from Los Chiquile Electricos, Cathia, Ian, Luis Manuel, Pepa and Santiago de los Chiquilucos.

While Kanek, Maya, against Emmanuel, Sofia, Jose Miguel, Robbie and Regina stayed on the road and came out on this show. Throughout the week, they all showed their talent, dancing or singing, in order to score points from the jury and seek the audience vote, which this week received just over three and a half million votes.

In this semi-final program, Omar Chaparro made a special participation alongside a panel of experts made up of Andrea Legarreta, Carlos Espegel and Mariana Ochoa.

Next Friday, September 10, the grand winner of Los Chiquillos de Hoy will be determined, which will serve as a special participation prize in the telenovela My Fortune Loves You, as well as the winners from each team, led by Mariana Echeverría, Lambda García, Paul Stanley and Andrea Escalona Special at Como dice el says.

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