Twitter has launched a new version of 'Spaces': You have to pay to enter
05-04-2021 Twitter Spaces. Official Twitter technology and search policy

Twitter has officially announced it You’ll skip the testing stages and start openly A payment model for users to charge for entry to sound rooms, known on the platform as “spaces”.

Since last May, Twitter has integrated a new section into its development platform Voice discussions between users Spaces called in response to the success of the Clubhouse social network during that season with a somewhat similar model. Now, months after its original launch, Spaces will provide the option to users Can charge to share in discussion.

The announcement came via the official Spaces Twitter account where it was stated that it will be New monetization strategy For users that the social network refers to and hope that many will join the trend.

“We know it’s important to the people at Spaces Monetization through your content The company explained in the post:

The official name of this new method will be “Ticket Spaces”, and as its name says, what will be charged will be the entrance to participate or listen to what is discussed at the meeting. For those same entrances, hosts They can charge between 1 and 999 dollars To allow access to their voice chat rooms and can also set a limit on the number of participants allowed at the same time in each of them.

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The first requests to be part of the initial test pool were made last June, and in terms of the monetization model, it will work in such a way that those participants in the test pool initially They will keep 97 percent of the money They earn, after fees Apple and Google charge for in-app purchases.

However, the rates of return will change if the user earns a fairly high income since Twitter It will increase your shot From 3 percent to 20 percent if the user gets A total of 50,000 dollars on your earnings on the app.

Another factor that would adjust earnings would be at the same time as the post on the platform, where Twitter said hosts would stay with 80% of your income, after App Store fees when more users use Ticket Spaces.

Twitter ‘Spaces’ can be found from the app in the upper area where ‘Fleets’ were previously an attempt to compete against Instagram and Snapchat Stories, but only appear when One of these rooms has been created and is in use. The function may also appear in use when Tracked account sharing in any of these spaces.

This decision is somewhat controversial due to the origin of the function because, as mentioned above, it was an alternative to the model proposed by the Clubhouse, in which the Voice chat rooms that anyone can access and participate in. A strategy where tickets are restricted to fees may not be attractive to those users who have enjoyed the freedom to come and go as they please.

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For a few months, Twitter has been trying to develop new models that allow monetization within the platform, in addition to “Ticketed Spaces”, the social network had previously announced the inclusion of “Excellent Follow Up” A similar subscription model to platforms like Patreon where tracked accounts offer content exclusively to subscribed users.

The dates are still very early for these new functions within Twitter, for now we just have to wait to see how well or poorly they will be received over the next few months after that. It is released first for iOS users, as the social network has already set a rather negative precedent after having to wipe out Fleets without being completed even a year after its launch.

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