Cumbre Vega volcano is getting increasingly scary [FOTO e VIDEO]

New lava flow from the volcano old summit, which erupted from September 19 a The Palma (Canary Islands) , Cause “massive destructionThis was stated by the Canary Islands Institute of Volcanology (Involcan).
There is a lot of anxiety on the island after a busy night. At the moment, the authorities did not issue new warnings to the population, but rather the lava.”Makes it difficult for people in the area to move aroundSelected Involcan.
The head of the local authority in La Palma, Mariano Hernandez, told Canarian Public Television that the new Pour It is the result of the partial collapse of the crater that occurred at dawn today. This event caused new lava to begin flowing.”far north“Compared to the main acting, even if”latest news“Indicate that it has happened again”leaning south“for every”join“Mission”.
La Palma Airport still existsdoes not work“Due to the accumulation of volcanic ash: this is confirmed by Aena, the company that operates the Spanish airports.
Yesterday, those responsible for the eruption emergency plan announced that as of today, an improvement in weather conditions was expected, which could encourage a resumption of operations at the airport. Other ports in the Canary Islands operate.

La Palma: New Lava Flow Images of Cumber Vega [VIDEO]

Cumbre Vega: New lava flow causes ‘massive devastation’ in La Palma [VIDEO]

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