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(ANSA) – ROME, May 2 – Russian leaders have drawn up a detailed plan to invade Moldova soon in what could lead to a repeat of the “Donbass” scenario in the region, Ukrainian media reported.

Ukrainian intelligence sources have indicated that there are “a series of indications” that point to an attack in the near future on the ex-Soviet country that has only 3,250 soldiers in its army. Some activity has already been observed at the airport of Tiraspol, the capital of the unrecognized Republic of Transnistria. The Russians could try to transfer troops to planes and helicopters taking off from occupied Crimea. Meanwhile, protests and riots will be held in the Moldovan capital, Chisinau.

However, this information – according to the Ukrinform Agency – will not be in line with Western intelligence assessments, according to which Russia does not have enough capacity to safely complete this route without risking the downing of its aircraft by the Ukrainian air defense in the area of ​​Odessa. (handle).

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