These are the three mountain villages that are not allowed to visit this summer

Who said that in summer you can’t enjoy a little serenity away from the usual cruise itineraries? Few think about it, but Italy is full of beautiful mountain resorts that can be visited in summer.

That is why today we will discover some of these little corners of paradise scattered in our lands. In fact, these are the three mountain villages that are not allowed to be visited this summer. Let’s get acquainted immediately with the existing villages.

The most beautiful villages to visit to find peace

Many decide to leave the cities during the summer and take refuge in the mountains. In fact, it is possible to find calm precisely in these places, rediscover the connection with nature and enjoy some healthy solitude.

And lovers of greenery and tranquility are precisely the ones who should visit Macugnaga, a beautiful village located on the slopes of Monte Rosa. From here it will be possible to take beautiful excursions, discover small unknown lakes and explore the Belvedere Glacier.

These are the three mountain villages that are not allowed to visit this summer

Adventure lovers can instead enjoy a beautiful journey that will lead them to discover one of the pearls of Abruzzo. We are talking about Pescocostanzo, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, immersed in the nature of Majella Park. To get there, you encounter Italian Trans-Siberia, a train journey that allows you to discover the sea and mountain beauties of Abruzzo.

Finally, we conclude this review with a village that has over time been the destination of many local and international artists. We are talking about Cervara de Roma, a small town now sparsely populated which rises near بالقرب Semprueni Mountains Natural Park. In this little corner of tranquility, you can stroll the practically deserted streets, discovering the serenity and calm that is missing.

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This summer we must definitely visit this ancient and beautiful seaside village that will steal our hearts

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