Megan Fox surprises fans with a weird look:

The black is gray. Megan Fox is giving a new look online. The actress suddenly had a different color on her head. Fans are divided and compared.

Photo series with 22 pictures

Megan Fox shared a photo with a different hair color on Instagram. The 35-year-old was wearing her long hair gray and with a dark base. He writes of the picture: “The daughter of the devil is like this.”

Accordingly, Fox has apparently changed for his role as the gang boss in the movie “Johnny and Clyde”. The cast is part of the Fox Thriller, which is set to be released in the spring of 2022. The “Deadline” magazine announced this at the end of September. The actress provides information about her snapshot.

“… otherwise I will sue whoever does this”

Reactions to the photo are mixed. “I vote for dark hair,” one writes. Another comment: “You look so beautiful with dark hair.” Also read: “I believe this is a wig, otherwise I will sue whoever does this.” So far no resolution has been reached in this regard. Most commentators, however, agree that Fox actually wore a wig.

Kim Kardashian: In 2017, she also wore her hair in silver gray for a while. (Source: Nielsen Bernard / Getty Images for LACMA)

Other users are comparing. “Wait a minute, I thought it was Kim Kardashian …” one follower explains. The name of the reality TV star has been mentioned many times. Kardashian also wore silver hair at times in 2017. She is now black again.

By the way, there are also interested users. So one writes: “Really the only person who can wear any hair color.” Many simply leave out hearts or words of encouragement.

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