One of the most interesting features that smartphones are starting to incorporate is water resistance. This is something we’ve been seeing since many in the hours and it was a job that can’t be missed. In smartphones, it is clear that some resistance is needed and that is why teams with such capabilities were created. However, this is something that can also deteriorate which is why we want to offer you a simple way to check the water resistance status of your Android device.

To do this, we will be using an app called Water Resistance Tester, which with a pressure gauge included with the latest hardware can determine how the water resistance function works.

So you can check the water resistance status of your Android device

There are many cases of smartphones being dropped into the toilet or spilled water. Some have survived, and some have not, which is why equipment such as the Cat S61 with IP68 certification has been brought to the table where the second figure indicates resistance ability. In a sense, the device we are talking about has a water resistance level of 8, which allows it not to suffer damage when diving between 1 and 1.5 meters. However, there are equipment with lower resistance that can be affected even by everyday use, if we hold it in our hands and sweat. In these cases, it is very interesting to check the water resistance status of our Android device.

Here when the Water Resistance Tester app is launched, with a very simple test it will allow you to check the water resistance status of your Android device. It is worth noting that the application is free, and to get it, follow the link at the end of this article.

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Once the application is installed and executed, you will only have to follow the indicated instructions which is to press the specific points on the screen with your thumb. The idea is to do some pressure so that the internal barometer measures it and the app can check the water resistance status of your Android device. If all goes well, you will see that the screen will show a green indicator. Otherwise, a red indicator will be displayed and you can see how poor the water resistance is.

This way, you can see if this feature continues to work properly on your PC.

to prove it, Follow this link.


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