La distribution de carburant est limitée en Corse

20 liters of petrol and 30 liters of diesel Maximum limit per vehicle per day. The prefectures of Haute-Corse and Corse-du-Sud have imposed restrictions on fuel distribution to avoid shortages. The procedure should remain in place for a week.

Many motorists wanted to refuel after the oil depots opened this week. This high attendance led to a significant reduction in the stock available at the station. “Maintaining a high level of consumption may cause difficulties for some service stations.we explain in the province.

“We don’t need or want to argue with our clients.”

to me trucksthe limit is set at 50 liters of diesel per day. It is also prohibited to distribute fuel in portable containers. The county warns that service stations will have to stop distributing fuel once they have only 25% of available stock left. The goal is to ensure that users are given priority.

In the field, the procedure is complicated to put in place for pump attendants. “We don’t need or want to argue with our customers”, regrets Serge Antoniotti, head of the fuel union of Haute-Corse. It is impossible for service stations to automatically close the nozzles that dispense gasoline, so it will be necessary to monitor directly on the slopes.

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