The name of the new Maserati Spyder revealed

The MC20 Cielo announces its sporty vocation and exclusivity: MC is an acronym for Maserati Corse, 20 denotes 2020, the year that marked the beginning of the brand’s new era, and Cielo (“sky” in Italian) underlines the fact that it is a model dedicated to the pleasure of outdoor driving, with Preserving the basic characteristics of a real supercar.

The new Spyder is a 100% Italian model: it was developed in the Maserati Innovation Lab in Modena, and it is produced at the historic factory in Viale Ciro Menotti, just like the coupe.

A successor to the 8C?

In addition to the highly anticipated arrival of this Spyder, it’s been whispered behind the scenes that Alfa Romeo could take advantage of the MC20 to re-release one of its popular models, or even two if it does so for the coupe and convertible versions, the 8c. After all, wasn’t the latter built on the base of the Maserati Granturismo? The truth is that Alfa Romeo is on edge and Carlos Tavares has already warned that if the recently launched Tonale does not succeed, the brand will close its store. However, producing a supercar in limited series (and thus achieving higher profit margins) could be a lifeline for the Milan plant. Especially since the previous 8C was a huge success. Follow…

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