Not jasmine, violet and daffodil, but these are the plants that grow in October

Inevitably, when summer is over, one immediately leads one to believe that nevertheless one has to give up, until next spring, to still have flowering and colorful corners in the house.

Alternatively, even with the arrival of the autumn season, you can cheer up and refresh the spaces of the house, with plants capable of giving flowering even in the autumn months.

Whereas, if some summer plants need to be planted until next spring, there are some that can be planted even when temperatures begin to drop.

Even some aromatic plants such as sage, thyme, and rosemary will still be able to give off their fresh scent during the winter.

Not the violet jasmine and daffodil, but these are the plants that will grow in October to enjoy the wonderful blooms

Camellia, Dahlia, Sternbergia and cornflower They can be excellent solutions to brighten the landscape and mood during the autumn period.

Camellia is a plant that produces large flowers during the winter period.

Camellia sasanqua, very resistant to cold climates, can be safely grown on balconies and terraces.

Acid-loving plant prefers slightly acidic soil that does not tolerate stagnant water.

Prefer semi-shaded areas protected from wind, irrigation by rain or demineralized water.

Dahlia, one of the most exquisite varieties, of outstanding beauty and easy to grow, is able to color gardens during the autumn period with great satisfaction.

With intensely scented flowers of different colors, from yellow to red, they are truly gorgeous.

Sternbergia lutea is a plant that can be easily grown both in the ground and in pots.

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A plant that blooms all winter, it is distinguished by a corolla of dark green leaves with 15/20 cm stems and oval-shaped flowers of intense yellow color.

A plant that is widely used to decorate flower beds and gardens, in the absence of pets, since its bulbs are poisonous.

And again cornflower because it is not jasmine, violet and narcissus but these are the plants to grow in October

Cornflower presents wonderful colorful carpets of a special, delicate and elegant blue color of various shades, the height of which reaches from 20 to 90 cm.

Prefers full sun exposure, is protected from wind and adapts to all types of well-drained soils.

These are not just the types of plants that are completely available in autumn to give continuity to the wonderful colors that nature provides us with


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