Une étoile filante passant sur la Voie lactée. PHOTO AFP

According to astronomers, 60 to 600 stars per hour – one to ten per minute – can be seen. Two peaks are planned this Saturday evening: 7:09 pm and 9:57 pmAccording to calculations by the Institute of Celestial Mechanics (IMCCE / Paris Laboratory).

The first peak was in danger of sinking in the twilight. On the other hand, despite the bright moon, except for the clouds, the second is exactly visible.

Intense meteor showers are expected to last until 11:00 p.m..


On Saturday morning, the Earth’s comet enters a cloud of debris ejected by 21P / Zygopini-Jinner, discovered in 1900. 600 meteors per hour “, an event” will not happen again in 40 years “, explains the Paris Laboratory.

Less known than Perseid, who returns in August each year, the Dragonites are visible on Saturdays, which vary greatly in intensity from year to year. Depending on whether the dust left by the Earth comet passes through a cloud or next to it, astronomer Franois Colas explains.

Comet 21b / Zygopini-Zinner returns close to Earth and Sun every 6.6 years. His last visit begins on July 2, 2005.

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