Nach diesem Schuss landete der Ball im Tor. Abseits. Christopher Nkunku hätte das Leder zu Benjamin Henrichs durchlassen müssen.

Playing in the fog is weird … it’s a bit impossible. You do not see each other. After a dense, colorful swath on Sunday, a state of the meadow occurred. Then flowed … no. Or drops. Both forces stand on their feet. The first kicker duty is closer to the man. Of course, goals are not like that. The trio are always tormented by sticking with Christopher Nkungu, the ball collides with the crossbar and puts the post twice, and the free kicks end in nudity – and when it gets too hard, you jump, turn, stumble and make short passes towards all the holes. The web is closed.


It was serious, Benjamin Heinrich was not in the game on the right, but Philip Gostic was right out of it. At least what. Josco Guardiol is on the ball on the left – and Anskar Knauf, quick foot, signed. So everything is fine in the back, and Willie Orban, the cleaner. Ahead, when the ball is finally in the Frankfurt penalty area after endless relays, magic is shown as a non-profit art.

It was beautiful to look at and full of hope with tiny bows, blossoms and arabesques. However, the change of pages was often forgotten. At times Frankfurt was fine with tired Bettys legs. In the end, RB lost 0-0 – thus remaining stubborn in the draw tradition against the Eagles. Fourth draw following. Only the Pennants are in fifth place.

Norbert Verstead has been known for three decades as a film and television critic, sometimes with a sharp tongue, to the readers of Leipzig Wolksheidung. His heart beats for RB Leipzig. In his matchday column “Norberts Einwurf”, the journalist proves that being a fan and critical support are not mutually exclusive.


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