Amazon: Cryptocurrency can become a means of payment after the company searches for an expert

Amazon I still do not accept in Cryptocurrency as a means of payment, but a recent job posting showed interest in it.

reported by from the insideAnd Amazon You are looking for an expert in blockchain The key technology behind it all digital currencies.

The job posting indicates that you are looking for an “experienced product leader to develop a blockchain and digital currency product strategy and roadmap” وخ Amazon”.

You will benefit from your experience in the field in blockchain Central Bank Digital Currencies and Cryptocurrency To develop a state of the capabilities to be developed, drive the overall vision and product strategy, and gain leadership acceptance and investment for new capabilities,” says the entry, which is confirmed by the company itself. Amazon.

Interest in cryptocurrency

the blockchain o Blockchain is a cryptographic system that guarantees businesses in Cryptocurrency Safe and reliable, it acts as a large community registry with all transactions taking place around the world.

Amazon does not accept cryptomoni as a boost, but a spokesperson noted that the company is “inspired by the innovation happening in the space cryptomoni And explore what this might look like Amazon”.

An apple A similar list was published in May for the Business Development Manager for Alternative Payments, and among the key qualifications for the position is five years of experience “working at or with alternative payment providers, such as digital wallets, BNPL, Express Payments. Y cryptomoneys”.

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