Sunflower oil: Are we afraid of a supermarket shortage?

For fear of running out or paying more for the bottle soon, more and more French people are getting acquainted these days with bottle filling. “We say again and again not to worry, there is no shortage, but talking about it attracts the attention of some consumers, who, instead of buying a liter of oil, go and buy three,” Explains AFP Thierry Desuchs, a spokesperson for System U. “However, the size of the supply chain is proportional to a certain size, and if the latter doubles in size, this kind of disruption can occur.” While there is no problem in stock. “People are stocking up and that can empty the shelves now, but there will be goods again. Not necessarily all brands, but there will be products, don’t panic”, For his part, the group’s president, Dominic Schilcher, explained with a radio classic microphone. “There’s a bit of precautionary buying but we’re not completely in short supply,” he said. he added.

“Consumers are starting to get overcrowded, and they are the ones causing the shelves not to be reassembled.” He had already warned on Sunday on BFMTV Michel-Édouard Leclerc, head of the distributor of the same name, confirming that “France is almost self-sufficient, except for animal feed.” To specify: “For sunflower oil, it was made from sunflower from last year. We have oil in stock until June”.

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