Totti to Spinelli: “I will come to visit you before the elections.  “I'm asking you some things.”

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Words of the Governor of Liguria to the businessman: “As usual these days” Spinelli to Signorini: “At 83 years old they can’t do anything to me”

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Genoa – He constantly needs money to continue his small personal movement in the different elections which he won in Liguria twice.

Politics is expensiveWhen he can't, Giovanni Totti pays in cash with his financier Aldo Spinelli always on hand, but only if he's sure he has the public document he needs in his pocket. While within three years the Spinelli collection reaches value “one billion”Totti and his committee are barely making money 74 thousand euros Which has now also cost him arrest on corruption charges.

“I will come to visit you”

the May 3, 2020as often happens, Spinelli and Totti talking on the phone. The former complains because he could work harder if he had more space, and instead the Port Authority will do nothing to make unused areas of the port available to logistics companies: “We are suffocated, and we no longer know where to put the work!” We are fortunate to have work for everyone (…). It's shameful!”.
“But things are going well, come on! “The port is growing”“Then it will be done,” the ruler claims with a touch of pride mole Which will increase the volume of traffic.

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“But let's hope. But let's meet for a while! Now, well, think about the election.”Spinelli responds by launching a hook that Totti can't miss: «I'm coming to visit you! I will come to visit you, because I have not yet come before the elections. Now let's organize. On May 25 Spinelli paid him 15 thousand euros.

Everything is on request

Both Spinelli and Totti require funding to be announced regularly in accordance with the law. “Send the documents where we want him to make the payment to Spinelli’s secretary, who will make it as normal as everyone else.”, the governor orders the assistant on September 1st. On days when crucial matters are discussed (for Spinelli). Extension of bulk cargoAnd they both don't seem to realize it Regular funding for an action is still a bribe.

“My son doesn't want that.”

It will take months before Rinfuse reaches the end of the line in early December, when Spinelli arrives He will pay the 40,000 euros “repeatedly requested by Giovanni Totti” to the Giovanni Totti-Liguria Committee.“, writes the financial police. But the businessman does not hide this His son Roberto (investigates) scolds him: “He doesn't want me to finance the parties, but I have to do it.”. Also the fund manager who was at that time holding 45% Spinelli srl is very concerned. “It is a reputational issue because political parties are part of different institutions and therefore can always be considered corruption,” Babali Babali told him.

spinelli, “A little disappointed”Note that Fiamme Gialle answers this “Support at the local level” is important. In fact, he continues, but he keeps the director's words in mind for use with the former minister Claudio Borlando who knows well the relationship with Totti, who accused Spinelli of treason precisely because he met the former Democratic Party minister. “I cannot help you, I told him clearly (…) which is what we have done to everyone in recent years. We can't do that, because he's deprived of the money, Belen». Documentary investigations prove that he continued to support Giovanni Totti.

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The boat

“When are you going to show me this boat? When we see each other, what should I ask you to do some things as usual these days?”says Totti, winking over the phone with Spinelli, who has just bought a device new 9 million yachts. There are policies on the horizon – the center right will prevail – and, as always, the boxes are empty. A few days ago, it was August 10, 2022While he was planning the election campaign, a collaborator had to tell him that they could not afford to advertise on buses in Genoa: “Later, otherwise we won't be able to do it financially.” On September 8, after the boat visit, 15 thousand euros arrived from the king of logistics.

Master of tennis

For the final Monte Carlo Tennis Masters on April 17, 2022As always, Aldo Spinelli wants to amaze Paolo Signorini, his precious darling Chairman of the Ports Authority Which will pay him 22 weekends in the emirate. Apartment and suite for two at the luxurious Hotel de Paris and seats at Tsitsipas' victory party. “Wherever the prince’s table was, we always went next door,” the reservationist asked. A few months later, another weekend in Monaco, He left a message for Briatore“Flavio, this is Spinelli. The appointment was confirmed at ten o'clock at four at the Paris Hotel. I arrived with the port master. listen to me. Thank you. Hello”.

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