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Anxious moments yesterday afternoon for the 96-year-old Queen ElizabethOn-board A private jet who brought her back from Balmoral Castle, Scotland, to London in view of the principal events of the public celebrations of the Platinum Jubilee, for her 70 years of rule Record-breaker, heading to live tomorrow. According to the sun, I tried the first actual plane landing attemptwas later thwarted, due to a Thunder Storm Who crashed in those hours in the metropolitan area with Lightning And the wind blowing.

According to a reconstruction of Rupert Murdoch’s newspaper, which narrates the news on the front page, the pilot of the 13-seat aircraft first tried to approach towards the runway of Ruff base in Northolt, near London, but then it was done. forced to return to height And keep hovering over the area for a few minutes Waiting for better conditionsbefore another successful landing maneuver.

a Buckingham Palace source from her side reduce what happenedexplaining that it was a normal precaution, common on many flights in similar weather conditions, and that in any case the King was not exposed to any danger.

Furthermore, subsequent photos, taken while driving from the base to Windsor Castle, showed Elizabeth II with an expression smiling And it seems calmin the usual wave of greeting him from the window.

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