Miley fires Labor Minister live: 'It's his fault if I end up getting a pay raise'

Argentine President Javier Miley fired the Minister of Labor, blaming him for the wage increase. After canceling the decree that granted himself an increase of about 50% in his salary, the president in fact dismissed Omar Yassin, the Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Security of the Argentine State, who is essentially a Minister of Labour. […]

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Argentine President Javier Miley Release Minister of Labour And blame him for the salary increase. After you finish Reverse the decree who was appointed with him increase of about 50% On the salary, in fact, the boss was fired Omar YassinMinister of Labour, Employment and Social Security of the Argentine Nation, basically A The previous ministry was reduced Secretariat of Miley after the establishment of the Ministry of Human Capital.

The charge against Yassin is that he is guilty of the “mistake” by which the president appeared to benefit from an action that conflicted with his own policy. Austerity (The measure was reportedly signed by the president himself in February El Pais). “I fired the Minister of Labor,” Milley declared in a television interview in which he justified the change in salary increases. The Spanish newspaper continues: “When did you expel him?” the journalist who was interviewing him asked him in surprise. “They are reaching out to him now. “It's a mistake he shouldn't have made.”The president said.

In the face of the controversy resulting from the leader's salary increase Extreme liberalismIn addition to the retreat, she was initially quick to blame Argentina's former president Christina Kirchner In particular, to A Decree of 2010 The automatic raises were set up, which he then decided to cancel immediately. But Kirchner rejected this accusation, explaining that the decree in question was not automatically applicable and that the increase decided by Miley It was wanted and intentional.

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“Admit that you fell, happened And then you were discovered,” the former president responded, accusing him of wanting to divert attention from the decree by blaming her. A very heated debate that occupied Argentine public opinion throughout the weekend, and which does not seem destined to end even with the chapter Which seems to be for all intents and purposes Scapegoat internal.


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