Despite four match points, Benoit lost to Indian Wells in the first round.

Of course, Benoit’s name and Indian Wells, it’s complicated. For his eighth appearance in the California Masters 1000, the Frenchman suffered a fifth defeat in the first round. Unfortunately, this is the continuation of his season, as it is his fifth defeat in the first round of a tournament after C கோrdoba, Acapulco, Buenos Aires and Rio, and then his second round for a Frenchman who has not won a match. At the Australian Open.

Koffer has lined up seven games in a row

However, the pair were very diligent and frugal with imagination in the first set. Well assisted by a Dominic Koper next to the plate, he finished this first round smoothly. If the service starts to get complicated by giving up a break from the start of the second set, the name heals quickly and serves 5-3. It was at this time that the Frenchman became nervous. Despite four match points, in which he simply set aside, the name left his service, and two double errors were completed. Back in the saddle, Koepfer will return to par and play at least seven games in a row.

Bow your head, the name is not going to heal. Despite the break to come back 2-2 in the final set, he was not in the game. The ball no longer came out of the racket, he did not try, and Koffer, though not on an exceptional day, had the opportunity to finish the match at his first match point. The German will play in the second round of Indian Wells for the first time in his career (in two appearances). Benoit’s name, he will definitely talk for a while in this match he was in possession of.

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