Coldplay en RD: Una noche en un universo musical infinito

The hearts of 33,000 people gathered at the Olympic Stadium on Tuesday to travel the musical universe of British band Coldplay. durante su gira “Music of the Spheres World Tour”And the His first time on Dominican land.

Two hours was not enough for the audience, who since “A Higher Power”, the song that opened the showHe sang in unison each of the pieces that gave life to four acts.

The clock struck 9:10 at night and the crowd was already beginning to feel the anticipation of seeing the four members, when suddenly the two oval screens on either side of the stage appeared pictures of the band. He makes his way through the masses and creates the first contact.

I followed the camera Chris Martin, John Buckland, Jay Berryman, Will Champion Behind the scenes and then through the audience are mad that their idols are so close.

Already on stage, colorful lights play, amazing confetti, fireworks, flames, smoke and electronic bracelets They expected an unforgettable show.

During the first trimester, “planets”, The band started with many of its biggest hits that brought them worldwide fame. Each song is from a different album. Thus providing unique colors and sensations with every stroke.

In this first stage, “A Higher Power” (2021), “Adventure of a Lifetime” (2016), “Heaven” (2011), “Charlie Brown” (2011), “The World” (2002)They have taken over the stage.

Not only did the band play music, they were concerned that the audience would be a part of the whole experience of their being. One of the elements that moved the night was the release of large balloons that mimic the planets, and the audience played with them for several minutes.

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When the audience rejoiced after listening to a classic song like “The World,” a strange thing happened: The song’s video simulated, large screens on stage projected mirror images of the group, Like going back to its origins.

This gave way to the second chapter, “Moons,” which began with the theme that the audience praised. “Viva la Vida” (2008), sung from the other end of the stageThis time, up close and personal.

But this wasn’t the only song the audience sang at the top of their voice, as the stage moments later turned yellow and The band met the demand of many with the interpretation of “Yellow” (2000)At that moment, the atmosphere became more intimate and nostalgic.

The verb is also included “Hymn for the Weekend” (2016), “Let Somebody Go” (2021), “Sparks” (2000) y “Human Heart” (2021).

The third group stage Taking the audience “to the stars” With songs like “Clocks” (2002), “Something just like this” (2017), “A sky full stars” (2014) and “My Universe” (2021), one of his most recent singles.

‘Something like this’ had a special touch, as Chris Martin capitalized on the concept of ‘A superhero we all have inside’ From the song to address people Hard of hearing who also enjoyed the show.

‘Perfect’ closing

Coldplay seemed to say goodbye. They turned off the lights, thanked the audience for their support over two decades and left, leaving a void on stage.

The audience was not satisfied. In unison, they shouted part of the choir “Viva la vida” and asked for another song, and rightly so, “Cherry on the cake” is still missing: “Fix you”.

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Desire is obtained, The band returned and started the fourth chapter entitled “Homeland”.

The first song “Orphans” (2019) failed to make the connection compared to the others, but what followed topped the decibel recorded throughout the night.

Chris Martin, with his charisma, He just transcribed the first line of a song known to the Dominicans to impress the audience once again.

“I give you a rose”, One of the most famous songs by singer-songwriter Juan Luis Guerra was the National Anthem Join England and the Dominicans for a few minutes. Martin didn’t prevent “limited” Spanish from translating the song so high.

“Fix You” (2005), although it didn’t shut down the concert, was an all-night climax. The last energy dump, the last public order.

One of the hit songs from their latest album, “Butyful,” bids the band memories of an unforgettable night and the warmth of the Dominican people in their bags on their world tour.

Your Environmental Commitment

Part of the money raised from the sale of tour tickets will go to various environmental programs in different parts of the world, among them y The OceanCleanUp.

In addition, the show was powered by renewable energies, such as wind and solar power. They even owned bikes that fueled a power source that fans could ride and pedal, including the singer’s own father.

The famous bracelets that mark their concerts are made from plant materials, later becoming part of composting and contributing to the environment. At the end of the show they had to be returned for recycling.

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Some of the environmental causes Coldplay collaborates with are reforestation, an initiative that was visible when they barely arrived in the country They visited Nigua, San Cristobal to plant trees; Ocean cleanup Soil restoration is a clean and green technology.

In addition, fireworks, confetti, and other items used during the show Made from biodegradable products.

Since 2019, they have implemented a program that has helped them define processes to avoid, reduce and mitigate their own carbon emissions at concerts, which will enable them to reduce emissions by 50% compared to their previous “Dream Full Head Tour”.


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