On Thursday (March 17, 2022) the program “Limbos – to hell with my congratulations” was shown on TV. You can read here on news.de when and where you can watch the comedy show with “Inertia” as a replay, both on TV only and digitally in the media library.

Limbos – To Hell with Tahnee in Das Erste
Photo: ARD, carried by FUNKE magazines

On Thursday (March 17, 2022) “Limbos – to hell with my congratulations” was shown at 11:55 pm on TV. If you watch the comedy show ARD Can’t see it, but you’d still like to watch Episode 4 of Season 1 (“Inertia”): ARD’s media library can come in handy here. This offers many online TV contributions as video on demand for broadcast – also and above all after the respective broadcast on TV. As a rule, you will find the program online after the TV broadcast. Unfortunately, this does not apply to all programs. ARD is also showing the song “Inertia” again on TV: Am 19.3.2022 a 3:50 pm.

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“Limbus – To hell with Tahnee” on TV: This is what the comedy show is all about

In the first episode, Tahnee receives presenter Marijke Amado and drag artist Marcella Rockefeller. The three play, laugh and sing about inertia and provide insight into their inner lives. What kind of laziness do Mrijk, Thani and Marcella know, and what recipes do they use against it? Who is sloth and what does eggnog have to do with it? Will Marek become the new drag queen? Roastmaster André Herrmann may have the answer when he shouts from the pulpit. (Source: ARD, quoted by FUNKE magazines)

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“Limbus – To Hell with Tahnee” on TV: a quick overview of all the information

consequence: 4 / first season

Title: disable

repeat on: 3/19/2022 (3:50 AM)

at: ARD

year of production: 2022

Long: 45 minutes

in high definition: Yes

Upcoming broadcast dates of “Limbus – To Hell with Tahnee” on TV

Where and when you can watch other episodes of “Limbus – To Hell with Tahnee” read here:

Episode title(s) series consequence History time sender all the time
comedy show 1 4 24.3.22022 11:35 PM the first 45 minutes

(Details of the season and episode number are determined by the respective broadcasters and may differ from the designation in official episode guides)

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