Police Call 110 Yesterday - Criticism Until Midnight: 'Pure Energy'

“Polizeiruf 110” in Munich yesterday turned into a thrilling interrogation story – and what a thrill! Criticism, evaluation and press reviews of the “Until Midnight” programme.

After only three cases, Elizabeth “Bessie” Eckhoff was promoted to the Munich homicide squad. Her first case there: two badly beaten women, a survivor and a suspected serial killer. It was directed by longtime director Dominic Graf as a play in the room.Call the police 110It squeezes two hours into 90 minutes – an ambitious approach, but it works brilliantly. In any case, the sensational interrogation story gets a lot of praise in the press. Criticism of ‘Polizirov 110: Until Midnight’.

Criticism of the Munich ‘Polizeiruf 110’ yesterday: ‘Nothing has been crazy for a long time’

Verena Altenburger and Thomas Schubert are not simply playing a confrontational psychological duel in the interrogation room: it is rather a desperate struggle for understanding, recognition and even the search for some kind of redemption. Really brave! Berlin newspaper

The crime thriller was organized by the Grimm Award winners Dominic Graf, which makes it possible to experience what the prosecutor says in the film: “Here we had the craziest interrogation I’ve ever seen.” TV Animation

Verena Altenburger finally gets past the shadow of a police call to Matthias Brandt. Thomas Schubert makes a man out of a monster. Something crazy hasn’t been around for a long time. Globalism

In front of Elizabeth Eckhoff (Verena Altenburger) “until midnight” to persuade student Jonas to confess.

Photo: Hendrik Hayden, BR/Provobis Society for Film and Television

Review: “Polizeiruf 110: Until Midnight” is reviving the genre

Long live the police movie! Dominik Graf’s new, cool and thrilling crime thriller in Munich ARD brings the genre back to life. daily mirror

Interrogation thrillers are usually purely psychological – this police call is pure energy. woman

At first the Bis Mittermacht was “the craziest interrogation one has ever seen”. pluck

Police call for criticism ‘until midnight’: Lots of praise for Verena Altenburger

With the song “Until Midnight” at the latest, Verena Altenburger finally steps in in the footsteps of her famous predecessor, Matthias Brandt. New Zurich Times

What begins as a duel, as a purely room game or interrogation room, opens up to other subjects without seeming coercive. Frankfurter Rundschau

Unfortunately, “Polizeiruf 110” does not manage to develop as much traction as Netflix’s powerful production “Criminal” about interrogations in policeon which the film appears to be based. German news agency

subordinate "Call the police 110" It regularly attracts millions of viewers in front of the TV.  But who decides where?  These four commissioners or teams are currently on TV.

“Polizeiruf 110”: who is investigating and where?

Photo: Hendrik Hayden, BR Images / Geißendörfer

Criticisms and press reviews of the last episode of Police Call on Sunday


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