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The girls of “The Geissens” celebrate a hot boat party with bare male skin

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If there’s a family that knows how to celebrate, it’s probably “The Geissens.” Shania and Davina also love to throw a party. Preferably on her parents’ boat of course. It becomes especially exciting when family and friend Ozan’s hairstylist invites a few of his buddies who don’t know Jess’s daughters yet and who also have a very fit body. Can one of the boys make Shania and Davina’s hearts beat faster? What exactly happens can be seen in the video.

Davina Jess: “Men should really be trained!”

Shania and Davina are surprised when their friend Ozan automatically brings a few uninvited guests to their boat party. As for the offspring of the “Die Geissens”, however, they are not so wild, because the boys are a real feast for the eyes. “So guys really have to be trained,” says Davina. “Well, it depends,” Sister Shania adds a little. This should be the case with weight buddies, because six packs follow the other. What do Robert and Carmen say about their daughters happy and wet party? You can see that in the video.

More Shania and Davina Geiss can be seen on a new episode of “Davina & Shania – We love Monaco” on Monday, May 30th from 8:15pm on RTLZWEI.

‘Davina & Shania – We love Monaco’ and ‘The Geissens’ also watch online on RTL+

In parallel with the television broadcast, there is, of course, “Davina and Shania – we love Monaco” Also live on RTL+. Full episodes are also available there for later retrieval.

In addition, fans can also browse through their hearts contents on several past seasons of “Die Geissens” on RTL+. (rgä)


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