La función fue incorporada en todos los equipos de Apple a partir de iOS 15

Apple has very useful features that allow all of its products to integrate and integrate with each other. An example is AirDrop which makes this possible Transfer files in seconds from device to device an Apple etc in a very easy way.

However, this is not the only tool that allows to perform this type of action, as is also the case There is a feature called Universal Clipboard which can make transferring data from iPhone to iPad very easy and fast.especially if it is associated with certain actions through gestures.

This functionality is not new as it is found on iOS devices from version 15. However, it has become a trend in recent weeks thanks to the fact that a large number of people have posted videos on social networks who were surprised after using them.

Specifically, what surprised users was the fact that by “pressing” their device’s screen in a gesture to grab the information being displayed, they could transfer it to another.

Here’s how to use Quick Transfer to transfer content from your iPhone to iPad in seconds:

1. Open the file What do you want to send
2. Use your index, middle and thumb fingers to make a file Gesture grab file and keep it at all times.
3. Put your fingers a few centimeters away from the device you want to send the file to And open it up.
4. Automatically The file should appear on the screen If you perform all the above steps correctly.

It should be noted that this gesture is a file transfer tool Not only send photos or videos, but also send texts, URLs, and even documents.
Integration between Apple products also allows users to perform a similar process, but from their PC. To do this, they must use a keyboard shortcut by pressing Command + C and then Command + V.

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