Google has quietly updated Android Auto for all users, as the company continues to improve the stable channel-optimized in-car experience as well. Android Auto has been updated and is now available to all users. Auto-interface for Android Auto-interface for Android Auto-interface for Android Auto-interface for Android Auto-interface for Android Android Auto 7.0 clock to make it ready for prime time.

One of them is to support settings to configure how you want the application to start when the mobile device is connected to a master unit. In most cars, Android Auto starts automatically when the connection between the smartphone and the head unit is established. However, others need to manually tap the Android Auto icon on the screen to turn it on. But starting soon, Android Auto will allow users to configure this behavior directly from its setup screen, where they can decide whether or not they want the app to launch automatically. Of course, this can’t overwrite the main unit’s configuration, so if drivers are required to run the app manually, changing this setting from Android Auto won’t make any difference.

And this week, the first version of Android Auto 7 has finally been released to all users out there, with rollout now rolling out in stages via the Google Play Store — but of course, anyone can install it using the custom APK file on their device. Unsurprisingly, Google hasn’t provided any information to let us know what’s new in Android Auto 7, but in addition to bug fixes and typical improvements, this release also paves the way for the introduction of several important new features.

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On the other hand, if the head unit instructs the phone to launch the app when connected, you can configure Android Auto to work differently. At this point it is not yet known if any significant bugs have been resolved by this new update, but we will likely hear more about this as more people have installed this version.

News summary:

  • All users can now download Android Auto 7
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