All the secrets in the chapter after the fall from the house of ashes

There are plenty of secrets to find in The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes. In fact, you will be able to find 50 secrets scattered throughout the game. It is up to you to locate and index each one. There are three in the chapter entitled After the Fall. It’s time to search.

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Post-fall separation begins after the alternator is repaired while Jason is being controlled. Eric, grieving the loss of Rachel, stays behind to take care of Merwin, who is in very bad shape. Once the alternator is fixed, the lights will come back and Nick and Jason turn off in the corridor.

Once you regain control of Jason, immediately take a right down the aisle. You will travel through another corridor to a small room with a large hole in the wall. Looks like the monsters were busy. Examine the table in the room to find a small book. Open it up and turn the pages to get the secret.

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Keep going down the aisle and you’ll have another scene. It turns out that there are some booby traps in the tunnels courtesy of the enemy soldier who is hunting your team. I have set the tripping wire. Complete the QTE and you will be in another room. Look down in front of the camera at the spotlight in the room to find a note. You will get another scene with the secret.

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The last secret is in the same room. Look to the left of the spotlight to find a desk. There is a small disk on the desk. Examine it and flip it over to get the last secret.

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Screenshot from Gamepur


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