Netflix, streaming no longer 'pulls': Swooping subscriptions

Netflix, the streaming giant, is preparing for a new low-cost subscription: a low-cost plan will arrive in some countries by the end of the year. How could the show be.

Official status is still missing, but Bloomberg Anticipates the intentions of the entertainment giant: A cheaper version of the Netflix subscription.

Netflix, streaming no longer “pulls”: subscriptions swoop | Giant trick to raise the score

Four minutes of advertising for every hour of watching Monthly fees may vary Between 7 and 9 eurosto put it in place to stop A decrease in the number of subscribers registered since the beginning of 2022. In the last three months of the year, Netflix will introduce the new tariff in at least six countries, while during the last three months of the year 2023 The choice must come in full force.

According to sources cited Bloombergdescribed as “close to each other”The broadcasting giant plans to run short commercials every hour. Before and during watching. So far, Netflix has declined to comment on the story and no official announcements have arrived. If, as seems likely, the new plan is scheduled to start from the last quarter of 2022, it is likely that updates will arrive in the coming weeks.

Netflix, in-stream commercials, and low-cost subscriptions: Microsoft manages ads

Already last April Netflix He had expressed his intention to include ad spots while viewing the contents, but the project only took off in mid-July, with the announcement of a post Microsoft Ads Manager.

Netflix, in-stream commercials, and low-cost subscriptions: Microsoft manages ads

According to the consulting company, amp analyticsthe new show can be born $8.5 billion annually worldwide by 2027Taking into account both the subscription fee and the revenue that will come from advertising.

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for Netflix It’s about Strategic necessity. there Losing 200,000 subscribers That were registered between January and March of this year, in addition to the company’s collapse in the stock exchange, forced the company to intervene to prevent the sharing of the password for the same subscription among multiple users and forced it to fire 150 employees to reduce personnel costs. In addition, between April and June the platform suffered a new crash with Losing nearly a million subscribers. Certainly an impressive number, but estimates assumed a more catastrophic situation with an expected drop of two million subscriptions. It is clear that the catchment area cannot grow indefinitely and the period is definitely not the best. and for this Netflix He works hard for him Hold on to the subscribers he already has.


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