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Indonesian submarine with 53 people on board disappear North Bali. Jakarta started the search and sought help from Singapore and Australia as well. The news was published by the military intelligence and information website Janes e Confirmed by naval commanders. The German-made submarine KRI Nanggala-402 participated in exercises that did not yield as expected results. The exercises involved firing some torpedoes. First Admiral Julius Wedgujono said we are looking for him. We know Area but a bit deep.

Research is currently concentrated in the marine area 90 km away from the beach Indonesian island known as a tourist destination. Contact with the naval unit was cut off It is 4.30 at night, Local time. KRI Nanggala-402 was Built in Germany in 1978 But it has undergone a lengthy renovation at a South Korean shipyard In 2012According to news from the Indonesian Navy. Hadi TjjantoThe Indonesian Navy commander told Kompas that communications with the submarine were lost once the submarine obtained permission Dive deep.

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