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This is what will happen soon in terms of the environment. We’re talking about an unexpected weather alert, the Hurricane Pillars of Hercules. . columns

We can forget the good weather that so far prevailed in the main Italian regions. Dry or wet heat, depending on where we are, will leave room for some high rain.

This is a new hurricane that will arrive in the next few days from Spain and will mainly affect some Italian regions. There is a weather alert that can turn yellow or red depending on the region and Risk have found.

You just have to keep reading our article to know the weather forecast for the next few days. The situation is really worrying. We advise you to follow directions Civil protectionwhich always sends alerts.

Weather alert: A new typhoon is coming

The next few days will be affected by new days tornado Really unexpected. We are talking about the pillars of Hercules, which will be added to the pillars of Ukraine.

Hurricane –

Why is it called? Hurricane Arcane Hercules? Well because it will come from the region of the world known by that name, the area between Spain, Gibraltar, and Morocco.

This new typhoon has low pressure that will affect the weather not only in those regions, but also inItalia.

rain –

The tornado in question will change the weather in Bel Paese, turning calm moments into unstable e Significantly lower average seasonal temperatures.

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It will rain mainly in southern Italy, due to the wet flow that will come from Spain. But in northern Italy, we must again expect a drought.

However, this situation is not beneficial even to the North, as they can fall soon aggressive showers And dangerous, especially in places near rivers.

When it arrives and what to expect from a hurricane

This new hurricane coming from the southwest should start in Italy already Between Wednesday and Thursday. The weather will mostly be unstable and affected by rain and possibly also storms.

The two main islands appear among the Italian regions most affected by this new climatic situation Sardinia and Sicily.

Last year, in the same period, we hit 32 degrees in Sardinia, 28 degrees in Rome, and 26 degrees in Milan.

weather alert
Weather Alert –

This year, however, we should expect some Low temperatures during this period.

Thunderstorms are particularly common in the south, especially in the area from the lower Adriatic to Greece. The ionic part will definitely be the part in it bad weather It will get sharper, from Salento to Sicily.

Expected temperatures are 23 degrees in Sardinia and 25 degrees in Sicily. These are lower temperatures than we have seen so far, but still high for October.

In fact, the heavy rain is due precisely to this disproportionate rise in summer temperatures, which causesWater accumulation and dehydrationthen it is resolved once.

In one day it can rain rain that has not fallen in a year!

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